Thursday, February 28, 2013

You're Hot!

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My son started going to the gym.  He's never been super interested in sports unless you count marathon reading.  For the last month though he has taken his bike out every day.  For the last two weeks he's taken that bike to the YMCA and worked out every evening after school. On top of that he went through another growth spurt that left him with chiseled lines.  Any faint remnants of baby fat are stripped from his face, leaving a strong chin and dramatic cheekbones.

Every night he returns from the Y and talks me through his improvement. 5 pull ups, then 10, 12, today 20!  "I can do 30 minutes on the treadmill now!"  He has biceps all of the sudden and a two pack.  I am stunned at the quick progress and physical changes and yes, tremendously jealous.  Why doesn't my weight lifting produce such easy results?  Is there such thing as a negative metabolism rate? Anyway, my child, just weeks away from his 16th birthday, is looking more like a man.

The kicker.  He comes home yesterday after getting a haircut.  The thick sweep of hair was gone. In it's place was a near buzz cut with just enough extra on top to style and look a little daring. I couldn't help myself. I saw him and said, "You look hot! You're like a model."  I know that probably wasn't the best mom reaction but damn if it wasn't true.  All of the pieces are starting to fall into place.  The muscles and haircut are forcing the reality down my throat - my boy is growing up. I'm in awe that he is a part of me.  Every day he's looking and acting more like his own person, borderline foreign to me. I've always known that he was of course. Adolescence is just so intense (and not just for the teens). It's like seeing the color red in all it's beauty and then panning out and seeing that it's not a swatch of red but a full bouquet of roses. A gorgeous, cut, bouquet.

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  1. I get the jealousy (similar jealousy of a certain very fit husband of mine). But his body is literally built to do exactly what it's doing right now. It's always harder for women regardless - but teenage boys in particular are primed for growth, so he will see gains far beyond what anyone else would normally see. Its called in the body building world "n00b gains" - meaning because he is new to everything, his growth will be rapid - but he will hit a plateau eventually and that's when you can come in to be the cheerleader, coach, and all around awesome mom to help him through the hard part. And maybe he'll inspire you too - I know it helps get me to the gym more than I would go on my own knowing the JG will be going too.

    1. My pride in him definitely outweighs my jealousy. Noah's my normal gym buddy in the mornings. He rarely lets me miss.

  2. So great to hear your words again, my dear friend.