Thursday, March 15, 2012

Setting the Paddles Down

The rest of the family drove to South Dakota yesterday to attend the funeral of our dear Uncle Leroy.  I have a major work event and will be flying out at the last minute tomorrow morning.  There are all kinds of things that I'm thinking about as a result of the trip and this work stuff.  The one thing that is overwhelming my senses right now though, is the silence.  I came home yesterday and was overtaken by the peacefulness of my home.  There was no teasing, tapping, or juggling balls dropping.  No yelling instructions from the floors above or below, no dog barking at people on the sidewalk.  It was wonderful.

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This is where you might expect me to launch in on the restorative qualities of meditation or yoga.  I know that meditation on a regular basis would probably be great.  What I'm reflecting on is the jolt that my system felt, not on the creation of a new discipline. What was so good about the silence yesterday was that it was a change in my normal life routine.  I didn't realize how much noise was in my life until I had those few conscience hours in the house by myself.  For someone who lives alone, I imagine that intentionally planning dinners or parties in their home would have a similar impact.  There is value in shocking our system a little, creating opportunities to BE in a different way.  Allowing ourselves a chance to see what we take for granted or what makes us uncomfortable.  When the paramedics charge up the "heart shocker" machine and set the paddles down, there is the anticipation of revitalization, renewal, restoration.  I feel lucky that I had a moment where the defibrillator was unexpectedly set down on me.
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